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We have released our Beta!

posted Nov 23, 2011, 8:54 AM by Carlos Rozo   [ updated May 2, 2012, 1:49 PM by Andrei Pizza ]

Just login with your google account at http://thotz.net. If you have no docs or collections, we will suggest a useful map for you to use. If you have them organized, the visualization will be immediate; otherwise, we will analyze it and map it for you. Try it!
We make Information organization easy, by visually allowing you to organize information anc concepts. Sharing will come soon, as well as multi-cloud service support. 

Why is this useful?

Thotz will help you forget about files and folders. It analyzes your content and provides a graphical web to see what information you have, relates it to other pieces of information and shows it to you. You just need to remember you had the content, we will make sure you can access it anywhere and everywhere.
In Thotz we believe technology should help people in whatever way they want it. People don't have to accomodate to the way a technology works (files and folders, anyone?) but technology must accomodate the ways in which people function. And in Thotz.net you will find an extension of your brain. Your content will become memories. And they will be stored in the cloud as if they were in your brain.

What will come next?

Soon, new content will be able to be added to Thotz directly. Right now, new information needs to be uploaded into Google Docs to be accessible. We encourage you to tell us what the best way to do this on your behalf would be (drag and drop?, search your hard drive? download from the web? other?).
Shortly afterwards we will include additional cloud services. Currently we use Google Docs, but Dropbox and Box.Net are coming up. Any other services you would like us to add? And soon after, the content will be able to be shared across users. Share what you want with those you know care about that information.

Tell your friends about it!

Did you find Thotz useful? Tell your friends about it! We would like many people to tell us what they think and how to make the service better. Just tell them to go to http://thotz.net.