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Organizing Concepts vs. Information

posted Nov 15, 2011, 1:03 PM by Andrei Pizza   [ updated Apr 25, 2012, 2:39 PM ]

Organizing all your information may appear as a daunting task. Hundreds of files of all types, e-mails, sites, etc. The more time passes, the least likely you are to take control of the river of information flowing through your devices. Creating folders in a myriad of sites (including your own hard drive) has not worked before, and is unlikely to work now. Unless.. 

What about organizing the subjects your are interested in. Your hobbies, work, interests all in a single place. Map your digital world, and then add whatever content you want to those subjects. Relate to a subject content, not files, so you can find everything you are actually looking for in a single place.  Isn't hat the way your mind works? 

Well, we invite you to think about it. Think about the value of organizing what you care about and then relating content to it. Once content becomes irrelevant or out-of-date, you can still associate new content to the concept and move on, change it, make it part of your digital memories. Because your thoughts don't stand still, why should your content?. Think thotz.